We focus on brands, not projects. The brands that we’ve helped develop have clear value propositions, highly competitive positions and distinctive personalities.

We are designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, activists and strategists. In the context of brand-building, we design logos, brand schemes, packaging, hang tags, collateral, web sites, advertising, posters, direct mail, email promotions and POS materials. We create naming studies, tag lines, positioning statements, brand stories and all elements of brand messaging. We’ve even been known to help compose our clients’ voice mail messages.

We express the personality and messages of our clients’ brands at every point of contact.


Rather than assume consumers are interested in a product or service, we assume the opposite. We think it’s far safer to produce materials that earn their interest.

If you ask us to do a brochure — we will ask you what you want a brochure to accomplish.
Then we will propose something more interesting. (We strongly advocate being interesting.)



The world is evolving (And we like it)

Today, a marketer can develop authentic two-way relationships with their customers.

The better you do this, the more you can grow. (And have a damn pleasant time doing it.)

We created The Change Social to help businesses and organizations establish, grow and manage relationships with their customers using the tools of our happily digital world. From creating and managing effective facebook pages to taking part in the ongoing conversations of the culture.

The Change Social was launched with Don’t Sell Bodies - a high-profile collaboration with Jada Pinkett Smith to end human trafficking in our lifetime.