The Change Creation





We zero in on who you are and what you’re all about. Then we create a brand that radiates with who you are and what you’re all about.

And we do so based on the specific value that you bring to this world.

BECAUSE, in the end, we'll all be measured by what we leave behind.
So let's make it count.





Bar Analogy #01.

If you walk into a bar and you’re confident about who you are, and everything about you, from the way you walk to the clothes you wear expresses who you are — then people will want to hang around you.
This is branding.

If you’re insecure, you end up buying people drinks and forcing yourself to laugh at their jokes.
This is marketing.

Bar Analogy #09. “The Authenticity Principle”

When you meet someone who is engaging and real, you look forward to talking with them again.
If someone seems fake or patronizing, you’ll end up avoiding them.

(Branding follows all the generalizations and insights of human interactions, like cocktail parties, dates, and canoodling. If you ever get stuck for an idea, then head to a bar near you.)



People change. But they are always influenced by past experiences. If you meet someone and like who they are today, it's still usually a good idea to figure out who they have been too. 

If you'd like to see our work from "back in the day"—primarily before we became a smaller, worker-owned collaborative—you can view our archive site